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Shoota is a studio for high-end event media and content
Über-proudly founded in 2018.

Creating Visionary Experience

Experiences are undoubtedly the strongest instrument
in corporate-, brand- and product communications.

In terms of throughput and memorability even
unbeatable, especially where

modern lifestyles are characterized
by the experiences we make.

Creating Visionary Experience

But how should modern brand experiences
be shaped, today in the convergence zone between the

real and the digital world?

We Believe





With a straight focus on effective communication,
a clear vision of cutting-edge design
and a natural understanding of
latest (interactive) media technology,

we help you create experiences with lasting impact –
2020 and beyond!

Visionary Experience Visionary Experience
Audio Visual Media

Audio Visual Media

For events, press conferences trade shows and POS

We think and act 360° – from message to drama, from set & scenery to any technical interface.

Our in-house production offers both classical motion graphics and the latest real-time media design based on vast specialist-knowledge of event media production. In addition to which, we can produce audio ourselves or, where necessary, alongside top international music producers.

Super-fanciness guaranteed!

Concept Development

Concept Development

Show and content ideation
experiential technology consulting

Impress your audience and stay within your budget!

After having spent many years working on the world’s most advanced event productions we know how to engineer emotions to the next level.
We achieve this by creating visionary concepts that merge message, space and dramaturgy with immersive media, data streams and digital identities.
No matter if you’re an OEM or tech company, an agency or organisation: get your audience sucked into your message by visionary experiences showing you are ready for the future.

Interactive Exhibits

Interactive Exhibits

From touch-terminals to room-filling immersive installations

Generate buzz and visibility for your booth and explain complex products or fact patterns through exploration. Or generate qualified leads by creating fascinating interaction or simply immerse audiences in a branded scene or certain emotion.

Our deep knowledge of staging your messages compellingly results in highly engaging, emotional solutions as we deploy next-level media design, engineering and software systems.
To be honest: if we work out solutions like this, it might get nerdy at some point, but it’ll blow you away in the end! 

Application Development

Application Development

For mobile devices or augmented Virtual and mixed reality

No matter whether you need an interactive shopping window, multi-user VR/AR, iPad or gesture-controlled presentation wall, we use the latest interaction technology and experience design. 

This ensures you can fascinate your audience, integrate with your processes smoothly, and even generate structured lead data.

High-End Presentation

High-end Presentation

Interactive animations and latest realtime media for any stage format

If you’re in search of high-end, broadcast quality motion graphics, which can interact with a presenter on stage in real time, you’ve come to the right place.
Our top-of-the-line team of communicators, designers and programmers makes it possible,  especially when it comes to interactive animations based on the latest real-time media technologies.

We think any presentation 360 and produce it for any stage format, committing ourselves with 100% brain, heart & soul.

Here are some of the great brands we´ve worked for over the 15+ years we´ve been in the premier league of international live communications.
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